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You Can Negotiate Credit Card Debt – Here’s How to Do It

Is your monthly credit card bill extremely high? If you’re struggling with credit card debt that feels insurmountable, you aren’t alone.

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What This New FICO Score Means For Your Credit

The pandemic has thrown the economy into almost unprecedented levels of uncertainty. To compensate for factors like higher unemployment and increased lending risk, many banks have tightened up their purse strings. It’s now a bit more difficult to get approved for any kind of loan or credit. That’s bad news if you’re looking for a…

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How to Deal With Disputes Over Payment Deferrals

In the wake of a global economic shutdown, many of you probably faced financial difficulties. In an attempt to weather the storm, many creditors offered some sort of relief. If you pay a mortgage or a car payment, you may have been offered a deferral plan. (Or had the option to request one). In short,…

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Credit Card Fraud Is Up: Here’s How to Protect Yourself

When times are hard, those who prey on the financially stressed seem to multiple. Unfortunately, the current global economic situation has created a ripe breeding ground for credit card fraud. According to the Wall Street Journal, attempted credit card fraud was up 35% in April, in terms of dollar value. That compared to the same…

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